Himfirm3 Company Limited

HIMFIRM3 COMPANY LIMITED is with the ultimate objective of providing accessible housing solutions to the general public. As a company, we intend to contribute to the elevation of the standards of living of our customers through the provision of plots of land and housing at unbeatable prices and in strategic locations. We strive to fight and overcome the stress of unbearable landlords, high cost of rent coupled with other family issues. In order to salves humanity and make life worth to live specially in an environment you can call your own home with Water and Electricity available, Himfirm3 is your answer.

Our ability and know-how in the Real Estate Industry has gained us vast knowledge and experience of turning bushes into habitable environments. Our unique features such as the moulding of bricks for demarcation purpose and four corner security fencing, housing, paving of mega roads for easy accessibility and moreover our affordability, is what makes us stand out among the rest and build a good and commendable reputation.

Our Mission

We aim at providing one of the most viable housing solutions in the Gambia, we operate to remedy housing problems faced by Gambians through our affordable freehold lands and City Projects. 


Our Vision

We aspire to become a leader and a highly valued company within the industry we operate by serving our customers in the most customized and conducive ways, to transform and become the most innovative and fast growing Estate Company operating locally but thinks globally.

Our City Projects

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We are good at what we do! We take our work seriously

Himfirm3 Company Limited organizes wide efforts continuously to improve our ability to deliver utmost satisfaction to our customers. At himfirm3, we always ask, “Are we Better Today Than Yesterday?” This is because we Plan, Innovate, and Implement. Then, we analyze, study and try to develop even more.