In order to be able to lead, compete and own a larger market share in the Real Estate Industry in the The Gambia, one must be able to have a well disciplined, innovative, effective and committed team for the task. In a period of two years since establishment, our staff have come up with various and unmatched innovations in the Real Estate business. Having been the first and only company to have introduced the four corner security fencing to a level of five courses for security reasons and to make plot identification a lot easier, to the issuing of a single price on both cash and mortgage sales, a five year payment plan for having your plot of land fenced to your very desired number of course(s) and a 24hours duration after payment to obtaining all and every necessary document of your plot. etc These and many other innovations and meaningful achievements have only been attained  because of the dedicated team of staff we have got.

Our staff are derived from various field of study who have got the requisite and required knowledge and know-how to offer to you a first class service you would have no where else. Our customer care service is one among many other departments of the company geared towards offering you with excellent and exceptional services to suit your quest.

Visit us today at our head office located at 150 Mosque Road, Serrekunda, KMC. Our marketing team could also be reached on +220 3085038.

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