All regions in The Gambia and beyond.

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If you have been wondering about building quality and lasting fences for your plots of land and gardens, you got to worry no more because Himfirm3 is superb at doing just that. We will build your dream fence at an unbelievable and unbeatable price in just about sixty (60) days with a two year flexible payment plan. With an initial deposit of ten thousand dalasis (D10,000), we will get your plot excavated and fully fenced with concrete pillars to your desired number of courses. We build all kind of fences ranging from simple to concrete fences, and courses of all kind ranging from five (5) courses to as far as the sky is the limit.

Certainly, nobody does it better than we do.

For further and more detailed information about our fencing project, kindly reach out to our vibrant marketing team on +220 3085038.