Himfirm3 Company Limited organizes wide efforts continuously to improve our ability to deliver satisfaction to our customers. At Himfirm3, we always ask, “Are we Better Today Than Yesterday?” This is because we Plan for the better and Implement the plan. After that, we check the plan, then, we Act. We render exceptional services that fits the imagination of our customers. Our services ranges from construction of residential houses, after sales services, fencing, heavy and light developments of every kind. On April 10th 2021, we  We launched our agricultural and aqua culture services. This new sector of business added to our line of work will enhance malnutrition and boost the immune systems of the people, thus, creating a healthier nation.

We have currently sold over one thousand (1,000) plots of land within the West Coast Region and we are still selling. We do have plots on sale in our unimaginable and unmatched city projects in Jambanjelly, Jalambang and Kassa-Kunda. Our City projects are the closest to water and electricity with easily accessible roads, commercial stores, mosques and churches, playing grounds, nursery schools, mini-markets, pharmacies, mini-parks, markets, restaurants and cemeteries. We did also provide exceptional services for some highly reputable and noble institutions such as the Medical Research Council- The Gambia (MRCG), NAWEC, Gambia Public and Printing Corporation (GPPA), AGIB Bank, Sonko Jileng, PURA, Riders For Health (RFH) and as well as Saint Thereses' Teachers Union.


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    Four Corner Security Fencing

    The Four Corner Security Fencing will allow you to: Easily identify your plot. Increase and lasting your property value. Prevent intrusion into your plot i.e when your neighbors are developing their plots your four corner security will prevent them from taking a meter or so into your plot. Mark your plot out of the lot.
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    Architecture and Construction

    Building of modern and complete houses for our customers, we introduce to you the NDELLA house which consists of three bedrooms, a living room, dining, public toilet, kitchen, car park and a front garden. NDELLA house is built on an overall plot dimension of 25m x 20m. It goes with a price tag of two million dalasi (D2,000,000.00), with an initial deposit of 40% and the rest to be paid on a duration of three years. To add up to your taste, we launched SAFFIA, which is also a three bedroom house with a living room, dining, car park, kitchen and a public toilet as well.
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    Buying and Selling of Properties

    Our plots of land are located in ideal locations within the Kombo central and Kombo South districts. They are of exceptional quality and of a reasonable price and a custom built dimension of 25metres by 20metres per plot, and 20metres by 20metres respectively. Having been the first and only company to have a single price on both mortgage and cash price, we are 0% interest free on all of our products. We have our newest property in Kassa Kunda called Dar Jamil Residence, just right opposite the Social Security Estate.
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    Property Management

    We control and oversee our clients' investment in the housing sector by engaging quality tenants, collecting rents and scheduling routine maintenance and repairs.
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